Service Portfolio
TAGA Consulting has developed a portfolio of service solutions to help your organization work best. We don’t believe that any one particular solution is the magic answer. Our clients typically combine several solutions depending on their business issues, specific requirements, and initial assessment feedback –but for the client, this integration is seamless.

Underpinning these services are TAGA’s fundamental strengths in understanding how organizations work and how people perform best. We partner and counsel clients at any point
in their organizational continuum. Whether you are facing a crisis or looking to get better quickly, seeking industry leadership or determined to sustain it, TAGA will guide you through your ongoing challenges and onto competitive advantage. At TAGA, we help our clients to achieve greater success through distinctive ROI-driven solutions.

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Executive & Strategic Counsel

We are thought leaders and strategists for premier performance. Our confidential, in-depth strategic counsel prompts and positions top executives and executive teams to deliver their best responses to all the challenges and changes that really matter. We coach to win: We help you define strategic direction, build superior focus, channel business acumen, target positive energy, and hold leadership resolve. We help you install the right strategic partnerships and accountabilities as well as the precision metrics and distinctive reinforcements to deliver success.

Bring us your strategic and complex priorities. Bring us your knotty human capital dynamics. We’ll transform the people, process, and performance dilemmas. We’ll spark the fire –the intelligent deliberations and essential exchanges –that will propel you to soar. Place an extra white line in this space.
Leadership & Management Development

We are developers and navigators for seasoned and high potential leadership talent. We light the path to your vision of greatness, not only by delivering our distinctive perspective and expertise, but by guiding you to the threshold of your own best possibilities and leadership mind. We build group and individual executive and management chain proficiencies. We teach, not just leadership skill and style efficiencies, but leadership principles for the duration, best practices, and invaluable self-mastery.

Accomplished leaders may even struggle with stacking capabilities and partnering well throughout the management chain. We coach leadership and management “bunches” to be true “teams” –conscious, centered, collaborative, and productive together. We show your top leadership how to embrace change and breathe new life into your most promising, breakthrough strategic ideas.

Leadership and management must take the enterprise to places no one else has ever gone. Nothing guarantees this business journey or victory. But only superior leadership and management position the organization for best prospects for success and a reasonable fighting chance. Place an extra white line in this space.

Organizational Assessment & Metrics

We are analysts and interpreters of organizational systems and dynamics. We know how to help you frame the enterprise success journey, chart the course, establish the standards and compass, track the progress, reward honest effort, rectify misalignments, and sort organizational facts from fictions. Strategic direction, once defined, deserves strategic reinforcement and inspection.

We transform organizations and business practice through actionable, qualitative and quantitative intelligence: We deliver informed performance navigation. We provide assessment and assessment tool design, delivery, interpretation, advice, and summary documentation services. We conduct interviews, focus groups, surveys, feedback instruments for key leadership dissection and response.

We help you to determine the right business aspiration and, in turn, the right kinds of quantitative and qualitative knowledge you need to harvest in order to drive real change, progress, or traction. Don’t depend on anecdotal “hearsay” or “convenience” sampling or downstream crisis “symptoms” reports. Determine “root” drivers and systemic success impediments. We help you to design precise monitoring systems and interventions that ensure accurate and timely attention to your most substantive paradigm, people, process, and performance execution challenges.

Our surveys and assessment approaches are not “off the shelf”, but are customized to bolster and fine-tune your rapid grasp of context, work culture, and climate realities. We deliver solid “data” for you to “stand on” and from which to direct strategic improvement or change. We deliver breakthrough patterns and trends for you to “sit with”, listen to, and absorb –the better to appreciate and define the right next course and to do it. What we understand, inspect, and measure we target for decisive investment –and, ultimately, our clients achieve. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.

Cultural & Systems Transformation

We are catalysts and cultivators of transformative change. Work challenges are often costly and stubbornly intractable. We track and trace problems to their work culture and systems sources. Embedded “symptoms” don’t just magically disappear. Paradigms, people, and processes typically need to shift decisively to create new space and dispositions for new performance outcomes.

We help executives and management, individually and collectively, to design powerful transformations, to “shift space”, and to lead substantive, not cosmetic and symptom-chasing, change. Lasting organizational improvements, innovations require strong accountabilities and reinforcements to advance. We cannot pretend to be all for progress as long as nothing of substance really changes.

We promote leadership resolve to champion appropriate change and to establish credible, value-added markers of this intent throughout the enterprise. Together, we’ll challenge collusion and self-sabotage. We will adapt intelligently. We will be visible/vocal champions of the desired work culture and systems excellence we seek and the strategic imperatives demand. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.
Human Resource Strategy & Alignment

We are partners and practitioners for human resource strategy and business alignment excellence. Human capital translates to human assets –available to be won or wasted, leveraged or lost –for enterprise deployment and success. The human assets or human beings deserve human-attuned and attentive ecologies. Executive and management teams tend to be task proficient: They drive for performance outcomes and assume workforce compliance.

We help leaders to remember the things businesses routinely take for granted –paradigms, people, and human-attuned and attentive processes. We help to re-establish people and process priorities amid all standing orders for better performance results. We reintroduce leaders to the power of “soft” strategies and respect realignments to transform and rectify seemingly difficult, “hard” performance dilemmas.

From marketing and recruitment to best entry and orientation, from deployment through assignment feedback cycles and career progression, from team synergy to team conflict dynamics, from best thinking about change management to performance rewards and compensation –there are bountiful opportunities for new and stellar human resource strategy and partnership alignments.

Don’t be random, reactive, or haphazard with process opportunities and people assets. Human beings, unattended, don’t routinely and spontaneously improve or self-correct. We know how to optimize and position human talent to succeed. We’ll partner with you to create practical, performance navigation solutions. Place an extra white line in this space. right here. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.

Diversity & Inclusion Competencies

We are architects and design engineers for diversity and inclusion excellence. We know that diversity “programs” and “initiatives” typically falter and fail to deliver returns on their promise. We know why –and how to transcend this common investment mistake.

We help executive and management teams to frame the business case for diversity, sponsor its rightful place in the overarching strategic plan, resource its advancement, respond to its misalignments, and reinforce its proper execution with ROI metrics.  We help you to integrate diversity into the strategic fabric, operational routines, and human capital dynamics of the enterprise.

To sustain diversity and inclusion aspirations requires thoughtful and skillful vigilance. We build world-class diversity and inclusion cultures by developing macro- and micro-competencies. In addition, we develop not only diversity self-confidence and capacities, but credible diversity “ownership” and self-reliance.

We help you to craft and customize your own best diversity and inclusion vision. We help you to dissect your own most critical diversity opportunities and dilemmas. We help you to go deep beneath the surface of things –the better to “see” and “hear” how diversity is substantively impacting strategic direction and operational success. Don’t allow diversity to become a “problem” to be “solved”. We can design and help you to achieve a best-in-class diversity future. Place an extra white line in this space. right here. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.

Learning Strategies & Training

We are teachers and coaches for holistic personal, professional, and enterprise success. We know sound training, whether “live” or online, must be embedded in superior sponsorship, readiness, and strategy to create maximum enduring value. People need skill and perspective. They also need post-training ecologies hospitable to practice and learning application.

We design and deliver practical, solution-focused, customized, active learning interventions. Our expertise prepares us to assist executives and management to establish learning cultures, learning strategies, and learning curricula across all core organizational development domains.

We train executives, managers, and workers across all specialties and levels on the aforementioned topics through daily, half-day, and multi-day training sessions. As requested, we conduct train-the-trainer, train-the-coach, and train-the-facilitator sessions to build lasting skill, rapid knowledge dissemination, and strong internal capacity. View training portfolio>> Place

Leadership Coaching & Team-Building

We are bridges and builders for dynamic self-mastery, joint effort, team synergies, and the delivery of breakthrough, collaborative prowess to all organizational endeavor. No one is devoid of blindspots. No one is immune to gaps in knowledge or skillful execution. No one proceeds without complementary support. No one falters or succeeds alone. Most enterprise missions far exceed the capabilities of single sources to deliver maximum value.

We coach leaders and managers, individually and collectively, to compete to win –against real world targets, trophies, and challenges; not against each other. We coach personal and partnership proficiencies. We know team synergies and team egos, though hard-won, produce positive energy, productive output, and work climates poised for greatness.

We challenge you to be accountable for lasting, mutual success. We expect you to forego collusive self- and systems-sabotage. We’ll prepare you to protect, respect, and connect one to the other, as you operationally embrace the path of teaming possibilities. No one of us is stronger, wiser, or more productive than all of us –properly prepared, leveraged, and aligned. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.

Project Management & Facilitation

We are stewards and facilitators for people synergies, process alignment, and performance accomplishment. Ideas abound. But so do traps and success impediments. The best strategies fail due to poor implementation. People falter and drift off focus. Challenges create their own downward energy depletion and morass. The right answers, like gold un-mined, may be alive but inaccessible and unavailable in the life of the team. Traditions, habits, and cultural “unwritten rules” may trump collaborative best thinking.

In these times, organizations need to re-establish strategic focus, harness talent and best energy, re-group, and recover momentum or traction. Effective project management is imperative and directly affects the competitiveness of your organization.

We make sure the right people are in place to do the right actions that drive project success. We facilitate or “make it easy” for executives and managers to name both the present opportunities and impediments. We manage process excellence and shore up your capacity to monitor and manage it as well. We watch progress and prevent costly misadventures or detours.

Transforming client complexities, impediments, and market opportunities: We guide critical conferences, meetings, events, offsite retreats, teams, resource groups, councils, and dispute resolution deliberations to mutual, highest impact success. We deliver participatory, interactive, unobtrusive methods to boost premier performance. Place an extra white line in this space. right here.
Communication & Conflict Resolution

We are translators and mediators for transforming communication muddles, challenging toxic codes, healing legacies of dysfunctional exchange and disease, and rectifying disruptive conflict within your organization fairly. We know that all human contact, let alone highly diverse human exchange, is vulnerable to communication entanglements. There is no such entity as a “lack of communications”. Macro- and micro-messages are routinely sent and received –for constructive deployment or for ill.

We coach macro- and micro-communications principles and best practices. Daily there are thousands of opportunities to be closer, smarter, more adaptive and productive teams for having mastered and applied communications and conflict resolution principles. We teach executives and managers how to prepare work climates for collaboration, prevent micro-aggressions, and respond competently to costly one-to-one and team disputes.

Certainly, some types of conflict are mission-appropriate: We wouldn’t expect organizations to thrive from chronic passivity or group think. Yet, toxic, garbled, collusive and divisive communications must be addressed for rectification. Transforming thinking and in-depth reflection: We translate, bridge, heal, speak, actively present, inform, mediate, and inspire globally diverse audiences –large and small –to practice constructive exchange and turn conflict to mutual advantage.

We expect your full engagement, deploying active learning methodologies to ensure it. We build passion for breakthrough communication accountabilities. There is no problem that together we cannot solve. We’ll transform systems and lives –for best practice execution and enterprise success.
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