The Challenge | Opportunity
As the executive or senior leader of your enterprise, do you feel that:

+ Your organization needs to do things differently in order to grow?
+ Past efforts to change have created significant confusion or frustration?
+ Change is happening but not fast enough?
+ You need help to make effective sustainable changes?

The pressure to lead and deliver successful change in today’s global environment –while simultaneously focusing on growing the business for the future presents a daunting challenge, but always a breakthrough opportunity.

At TAGA, we specialize in the successful completion of one fundamental business imperative: Helping leaders effectively navigate their organizations through significant change, while sustaining premier performance. Success in leading your enterprise depends increasingly upon success in leading change. Today's fast-moving and unforgiving global markets favor enterprises that are innovative, responsive, and swift.

Today’s leaders must anticipate the need for change and be ready to re-examine their organization to its core. They must be prepared to undertake fundamental change that may touch everything from their company's vision, mission, and strategy to its management structure, culture, technology, work processes, and people.

Change on this scale is hard to plan and harder still to manage. Organizations, by their very nature, resist change, and those with a long history of business success often resist with particular tenacity. Overcoming the inertia of a large organization calls for relentless dedication as well as formidable skill.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, enterprises that successfully develop new
organizational capabilities will gain significant competitive advantage. It is the mission of
TAGA Consulting to help our clients obtain that advantage.


Value Proposition
Business success depends on superior people and process alignment. Harnessing the power of human dynamics in the workplace, then, is sound business strategy, as it positions leaders to choose and pursue the right alignments and leverage potential synergies. Effective consultation accelerates leadership focus and resolve to achieve success.

Consultation performance is best measured by client process and outcome achievement. The consultant succeeds as clients reach clearly defined marketplace, organizational, and personal priorities; reduce attrition and process dysfunctions appropriately; win greater customer or stakeholder satisfaction; and distinctively achieve and sustain their highest performance potential.



Case Studies
TAGA applies business, behavioral and systems science principles to complex organizational challenges. Our case studies illustrate how we assist clients to define dilemmas, craft leadership solutions, and implement change strategies that seize opportunity and transform it into advantage. See how our recommendations target substantive, systemic, and sustainable change. Here are samples of our advice and counsel in action:



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