Consultation Frameworks
TAGA knows success in leading your enterprise depends increasingly upon success in leading change. To help leaders effectively navigate their organizations through significant change while sustaining premier performance, we employ four critical analysis frameworks. TAGA first leverages these elemental frameworks to reference and diagnose the clients challenge | opportunity and then to help us partner with clients to craft the most effective service agenda. We invite you to learn more about these perspective-accelerating frameworks:

3P Performance Dynamic
People x Process = Performance

Sustainable success is complex and subtly challenging work. Such success depends on critically superior performance, consistently attained. People and process synergies or interdependencies, on the other hand, drive all performance. Winning organizations deploy talented people – alone and in high performing teams – to problem-solve, think, adapt, innovate, and advance results beyond mundane and mediocre to decisively magnificent. Superior people synergies deliver superior performance.

TAGA appreciates the power and potential of this immutable 3P Performance Dynamic. Enriching people and process efficiencies boosts tangible outcomes. Constricting people and process quality diminishes overall performance yields. The 3P Performance Dynamic inexorably colors and fuels all human enterprise. It invites reflection on the kind of organizational journey we choose to take from the initial charting of business aspirations or visions to the active accountabilities that ultimately drive impact and produces sustainable accomplishment.

7A Transformation Process
Aspiration, Accomplishment, Awareness, Assessment, Application, Action, Accountability

Our 7A Transformation Process captures the interlocking individual and organizational journey to sustainable success. Whatever the business aspiration, TAGA guides and accelerates your progression through the inevitable strategic and specific challenges to, ultimately, a desired accomplishment. We know that such value creation relies on change and requires investment in appropriate personal and organizational Aspiration, Awareness, Assessment, Application, Accountability, Action, Accomplishment.

Our 7A Transformation Process offers clients a comprehensive framework for strategic reflection, in-context prioritization, and appropriate charting of high impact change. It sharpens client appreciation for critical aspiration-to-capacity alignments and requirements. It invites TAGA/Client partnership thinking on best accountabilities, priority targets, significant leadership and resourced interventions for desired accomplishments.

+ Aspiration: Goal or vision for organizational transformation
+ Awareness: Change rationale and individual/organizational expectations
+ Assessment: Value creation diagnostics and metrics
+ Application: Tactical interventions and solutions
+ Accountability: Responsibility, ownership, and engagement
+ Action: Personal/team proficiencies and execution
+ Accomplishment: Sustainable achievement and success outcomes

7S Transformation Targets
Sponsorship, Support, Strategy, Systems, Staffing, Skills, Scanning

Our 7S Transformation Targets provide a comprehensive, integrated solutions compass that guides organizational change. The pressure to lead and deliver successful change in today’s global environment –while simultaneously focusing on growing the business for the future
–presents a daunting challenge, but always a breakthrough opportunity.

TAGA will show you how to develop mission-critical sponsorship, support, strategy, systems, staffing, skills, and intelligent scanning. Effectively navigating your organization through transformation, while sustaining premier performance, requires focus. Taken together, these 7S targets serve as a comprehensive, continual point of focus for all strategic planning and tactical execution.

+ Sponsorship: All executives lead and champion ongoing change initiatives
+ Support: All managers/ambassadors lead by example, applying change vision to operational
+ routines
+ Strategy: Integrating change vision with all core strategic and tactical plans/priorities to
+ accelerate transformation –sponsors take the lead
+ Systems: All formal/informal organizational processes and norms align with change vision to
+ ensure credibility and institutionalize transformation

+ Staffing: Human capital must align with and reflect change vision to build credibility -clearly
+ demonstrated at all levels and sectors of the organization
+ Skills: Comprehensive training stimulates culture change and promotes team synergy –training
+ advances skills, perspective, and practical application
+ Scanning: ROI-focused assessment drives strategy, detects challenges, and informs
+ adjustments –ongoing analysis allows continuous reflection, documentation, and culture change

7C Transformation Advantages
Community, Credibility, Congruence, Commitment, Currency, Collaboration, Competence

Our 7C Transformation Advantages highlight where and how true success touches and continually renews personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational capacity.  Strategic visioning and planning define the high value self-identities, solutions, priority targets, accountabilities, and actions for enterprise success. Strategy sets up execution. Execution, if flawed, all but guarantees sub-par productivity and performance. Activity does not guarantee impact. Execution excellence, however, delivers desired impact, accomplishment, return on investment, and sustainable payoffs or advantages.

Winning depends on superior people and process capacities –aligned and responsively delivered. Winning also boosts and replenishes individual and team identities, trust, and achievement capacities for sustainable advantage. Success is always driven by available capacity and-when leveraged, aligned, delivered, sustained, and renewed -creates its own expectations, momentum, and competitive advantages. Winning creates cumulative advantages: It ultimately transforms or bolsters critical infrastructure, people and process capacities.  

+ Community: Superior cohesion, morale, knowledge transfer (Team Spirit)
+ Credibility: Trustworthy, respected, mission/merit-driven, transparent (Trust)
+ Congruence: Aligned with core strategy, effort is trusted, say = do, visible change (Focus)
+ Commitment: Promise/resolve to act, engage, grow, and deliver on-purpose (Buy-in)
+ Currency: Continuous, intelligent, adaptive exchange and innovation (Value Creation)
+ Collaboration: Shared capacities, effort, execution are multiplied and sustained (Synergy)
+ Competence: Superior abilities, fitness, perspectives to deliver success (High Performance)

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